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CHM 204: General Chemistry Laboratory I

MWF ⋅ 12:30–3:15 PM ⋅ RGSB 121 ⋅ Summer 2017


Course Syllabus
Typical Weekly Schedule A Pedagogical Philosophy Academic Resources

Laboratory Schedule
Date Experiment
5 Jun Syllabus, Expectations, etc.
7 Jun Introduction to the Laboratory
9 Jun Qualitative Analysis
12 Jun Synthesis of K2[Cu(C2O4)2(H2O)2]
14 Jun Elemental Analysis
16 Jun Classes of Chemical Reactions
19 Jun Lab Skills: Preparing Solutions
21 Jun Lab Skills: Serial Dilution
23 Jun Acid-Base Titrations
26 Jun Molecular Structure
28 Jun Intermolecular Forces
30 Jun Enthalpy of Neutralization
3 Jul No lab
5 Jul Hess' Law
7 Jul No lab (we will meet for quiz only)

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